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For decades, our topic has been the dynamic optimization of cams, cam gears, step/indexing gears, servo drives, electronic cams, coupled gears/linkages and gearboxes with kinematics, kinematics and motion design.

In addition to our cam and mechanism software OPTIMUS MOTUS (R), we offer the following services:


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Cam optimization for a mechanism transferring cylindrical items


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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH: Kompakte Bauform durch Kombination von Servoantrieb und Kurven-Schrittgetriebe, um Artikel in Reihen zu sammeln. Ein Rechen führt die Einzelartikel zu. 3D-Simulation durch OPTIMUS MOTUS.


• Software OPTIMUS MOTUS ® /
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• All types of Cam Calculations
• Performance Optimizations
• Trainings and consulting
• App and Software Development
• PLC Motion Software

Cams, Mechanisms, Motion Design. Faster Machines. Since 1965.

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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH: Kurvengetriebe, Schrittgetriebe, Servoantriebe berechnen mit der Mechanismensoftware OPTIMUS MOTUS (R)