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for the webpages of Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH


Responsible entity with respect to the European General Data Protection Regulation (called "GDPR" here) and German law:

Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH
Hellingstrasse 17
33609 Bielefeld

Phone: +49 - (0) 521 - 74477
Fax: +49 - (0) 521 - 750880


Data Protection

The website operators of this site (“we”) take the protection of your personal data very serious. We treat your personal information confidentially and strictly adhere to the rules of this privacy policy and data protection laws.

Our website can be used without providing personal data, except data that are technically necessary (see "Cookies" and "Server-Log-Files").
Within our website, we process personally related data ("personal data") only as far as it is necessary to provide a functional webpage, and for the contents and services we offer.

In general, we collect and process personal data only as far as it is necessary to establish, arrange, carry out or modify legal relationships (Inventory data).
We process your personal data only with your permission, unless obtaining your permission is not possible for factual grounds, or legal regulations allow to process them.

We do not process usage data.

Legal basis for processing your personal data:

We delete or block your personal data when the purpose for processing or storing them becomes obsolete, or when you demand it from us.
We store your data when European or German law demand it.
Wir delete or block your personal data also when their statutory storage periods expire, provided the data are not needed to conclude or fulfill a contract.

Please notice that the Internet including e-mail is not a safe means of communication or data exchange. It is not possible to keep off malicious third-party-attacks from a website under all circumstances. If you want to use documents or data loaded from a website of Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH please check them for viruses or other malicious software before use.



Personal data that you give us by e-Mail, phone or fax are used to meet your queries and to process your inquries and orders. We can process your queries only as far as it is possible with the given data.

Legal basis for this kind of data processing:

While our business relation is active, we take your official personal contact data to send you current information by regular postal service from time to time, provided we can assume that this information may be interesting for you. This is founded on GDPR Article 6 Section 1 f).
You may object to this kind of data processing anytime.

When a contract was concluded we are forced by commercial and fiscal law to store some information for certain periods of time (regularly 10 years, refer to §147 AO and §257 HGB in German law). This obligation outweighs your right of erasure.
There are some other exceptional circumstances where you do not have a right of erasure.

When our communication remains irrelevant for commercial and fiscal law we delete your personal data when we clearly see that your concerns were completely handled and we do not need do contact you anymore.


Your rights as affected person

When you are an affected person by means of the GDPR you have rights on ...

For details please refer to the European Data Protection Act

In case this link does not work please look at this local backup copy.

If you have any questions about personal data or your rights please contact us using the address given above or in our publisher's imprint.



Most internet sites use so-called cookies. Cookies do not cause damage on your computer and do not contain viruses. Cookies make webpages more user-friendly, more effective and safer. Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your computer.

For our webpage we only use session cookies that are technically necessary, for example the cookie TS0152667c used by the frontend framework "Bootstrap". Session cookies are removed when you close your browser.

We do not evaluate the contents of cookies. We do not combine these data with data from other sources, and we do not try to determine your identity with these data.

You can configure your browser to inform you when a webpage tries to set a cookie, and to allow cookies only when you explicitely agree every time.
You can also configure your browser to refuse cookies in certain cases or in general.
And you can configure your browser to remove cookies automatically when the browser is closed.

When you deactivate cookies, the functionality of this internet site may be restricted.

GDPR Article 6 Section 1 f) is the legal basis for processing personally related data by technically necessary cookies.



The provider of the web pages (our internet provider) automatically collects data and saves them in server log files that your browser sends out. These data are:

These data are obligatory when using web pages. Our internet provider needs them to deliver queried information correctly. For that reason you cannot effectively object to collecting this kind of data.

GDPR Article 6 Section 1 f) is the legal basis for temporarily storing this kind of data.

In future, your browser and the servers of our provider may exchange other data because internet technology evolves.


Passing on data to third parties

We process personal data only for purposes declared in this privacy policy.

We pass on personal data to third parties only when ...


Data encryption

For safety reasons and to protect the transfer of confidential information, for example your queries to us as website operators, an encryption method supplied by our internet provider (SSL/TLS) who hosts our internet site. When the browser's address bar changes from "http://" to "https://" or you see a padlock symbol there, the connection is encrypted. When the encryption is active, transferred data are protected against being read along by third parties.

You can reach our website with different addresses, for example

For technical reasons our internet provider supplies encryption only for the address "" (without "www."!) and for all subpages whose addresses begin with "".
Please click on the menu item "SSL Version" in the head section of the web page or here to get to the encrypted version of our website.

You may send queries to us by regular e-mail. Open your e-mail program actively and voluntarily, enter our e-mail address into the address field, enter some text, if necessary attach some files and send your e-mail to us. It is your decision which information you want to reveal.
This communication channel is not part of our internet site.
Our e-mail provider provides encryption for the whole e-mail traffic between him and us.
However, we have not insight and no influence on how your data are protected on the way from you to our e-mail provider.

Alternatively you may call us for your queries or send a fax. When you reveal information during a phone call or in a fax, you do this voluntarily.


Software supplied by us

On our internet site or with CDs, DVDs or download links in e-mails, we supply software for installation and usage on your computer.
We do not collect personally related data with that software, nor any other data.
Information you enter into that software or generate with that software are exclusively stored locally on your computer respectively in network locations that you specify explicitely.


Forwarding to other webpages

This privacy policy only refers to our webpages. When you get to webpages of other website operators by link, please refer to their privacy policies to learn how they process your personal data.


No spam please

We object to any commercial usage of our contact data by third parties and we reserve the right to take legal measures if we receive any promotional or informational materials we did not explicitly request.


Updates of this privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy within the scope of legal requirements to keep compliance with current jurisdiction or to consider changes of our website, for example new services. That version of the privacy policy is valid that was online when you visited our webpage.


Notice for contacting us by phone

When you call us by phone on +49-521-74477, in most cases an employee of our company Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH will take the call. We always respond with our personal name "Nolte".
However, when we are not in the office, for example outside our office hours, we forward calls to an external service provider (Mobile Office Communications GmbH, Saseler Chaussee 109, 22393 Hamburg, Germany, He will note your concern and send us an e-Mail.
If you do not want to tell your concern or any data about you to this service provider, please try to call us later or send an e-Mail to



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