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Cam calculation according to your drawing: highly qualified, quickly and cost-effective, at a fixed price

Take advantage of our experience of more than 45 years cam calculation and 14000 calculations!

Calculate cams with Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH


Cam gears: calculation and design for all types of cams:


Design and calculate indexing cam gears for stepwise motions with Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH


1.) Send an Inquiry

You send us your cam gear drawing or drawings (PDF, TIFF, DXF, DWG or Step format)

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2.) Get a Quotation

You will quickly receive a fixed price offer, so that you can order the calculation if you like it.


3.) Oder a Calculation

We calculate the cam, validate the design and create documentation, CAD and production data for you:

Delivery time: Data by e-mail, usually same day


Especially when you do not deal with cams regularly and want to make no errors, the expert’s view is indispensable.

We can advise you well with our huge experience in cam calculation.


Example: Calculation of a double cam with specification of the movement on the output slide.

Calculation of a double cam with specification of the movement on the output slide.


Our service for you:

Cam calculation: Diagrams for path, velocity, acceleration, transmission angle, radius of curvature



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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH has specialized since 1972 in the field of cam, mechanism and servo drives. Nolte provides software and services for calculating cams, specifically planar cams, cylindrical cams, barrel cams, groove cams, ridge cams, linear cams, globoidal cams, indexing cams, parallel cam gears, step gears, eccentrics and arbitrary 3D cams. The result documentation includes NC programs, DXF data, STEP data, animations and print documentation in PDF format. Special attention is always on the design of the movements with jerk-free, acceleration-favorable, harmonic laws of motion to reduce vibrations and to optimize the dynamics ("motion design"). Standards of the VDI Guidelines 2142, 2143, 2149 and 2729 are not only complied with but far exceeded, eg by HS profiles, polynomial interpolation, general sinusoidal combinations, polydyne functions, continuity in jerk and ping function. Non-linear kinematics from linkages or coupling gears, non-circular gear wheels or non-circular belt wheels are taken into account. Also forces, torques and Hertzian pressure in the joints of the mechanisms as well as roller and cam lifetimes are calculated by the means of kinetostatics. There are powerful functions for the design of servo drives based on dynamic criteria. Complex motion sequences are simulated to check for collisions and optimized with animations and interactive graphic motion design for high machine speed. For further education, Nolte offers practical seminars and trainings in the field of mechanism theory and application.


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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH: Kompakte Bauform durch Kombination von Servoantrieb und Kurven-Schrittgetriebe, um Artikel in Reihen zu sammeln. Ein Rechen führt die Einzelartikel zu. 3D-Simulation durch OPTIMUS MOTUS.


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