Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Rainer Nolte, Developer of the software OPTIMUS MOTUS, Owner of Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Rainer Nolte, stets mit einem Computer unterwegs

The man for special cases??? Really! For example, when you aim to improve the dynamics of your machines. Peter will agree, I think. While Justus still is kneading his lower lip, I am quite done with the motion design. And Bob is still surfing the internet to research about motion design. You see, I like to read books about the Three Investigators, specifically with my two children who meanwhile memorize all stories about Jupiter (Justus), Peter and Bob.

I like to write software. When I was 13, I used my father's computer for programming games. Playing the games was not half the fun than programming them, and this did not change until today.

In my leisure time, when I do not optimize motions in machines, I optimize my own motions. For more than 30 years now I am an active dancer: Standard, Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dancehall, Tango, Salsa, Discofox. I took part in quite a lot competitions in ballroom dance.
One time my coach asked me for my profession. I said: "I optimize motions.". Short break, then a grin ...

A few times I participated in the British Open Championships in Blackpool. That was really amazing! Together with all the world and European champions on the dancefloor! And the judges are only the most famous ballroom dancers ever. The ballroom in Blackpool is really impressing. When you seemingly step down into the cellar for the first time you would never expect what great location is waiting for you.
In Fleetwood (England), my wife and me once have even been second in a West European Championship competition.

In winter me and my family like to go skiing. I am very grateful to my wife that she showed me skiing with very much patience when I was 33 years old. She is almost professional in skiing. It is indescriptably beautiful to slide down an empty slope as one of the first on an early spring morning, when the sun comes up, between the trees. The silence when you float up in the chairlift ...

My relation to technology and engineering began when I was five. At that time the NASA had launched the Apollo 17 mission to the moon, and I crept down at four our five o'clock in the morning to view that live on TV. I was fascinated by space in general and the enormously large Saturn V rockets. As a child I liked to play with Lego bricks and construction kits. Usually I built some technical stuff, a traffic light for example or vehicles with real steering systems.

After my highschool graduation I first studied engineering, then computer sciences, and finished both with a diploma. I am active in expert committees of the VDI (society of German engineers) and as speaker on congresses about mechanism sciences.

But mainly I improve my mechanism software OPTIMUS MOTUS, and it goes on and on and on ...

Thanks to all the many users who place their trust in me and my software! It's you for whom I make the software!


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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH: Kompakte Bauform durch Kombination von Servoantrieb und Kurven-Schrittgetriebe, um Artikel in Reihen zu sammeln. Ein Rechen führt die Einzelartikel zu. 3D-Simulation durch OPTIMUS MOTUS.


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