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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH
Hellingstraße 17
D-33609 Bielefeld

(GmbH = Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, Limited Liability Corporation)

Phone: +49 (0) 521 - 74477 (Please consider the special note below!)
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Managing directors: Dipl.-Ing Dipl.-Inform. Rainer Nolte, Sabine Ute Nolte

Site: Bielefeld/Germany

Registered at Court of First Instance (Amtsgericht) Bielefeld,
Commercial register number: HRB 35037

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When you call us by phone on +49-521-74477, in most cases an employee of our company Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH will take the call.

We always respond with our personal name "Nolte".

However, when we are not in the office, for example outside our office hours, we forward calls to an external service provider (Mobile Office Communications GmbH, Saseler Chaussee 109, 22393 Hamburg, Germany, He will note your concern and send us an e-Mail.

If you do not want to tell your concern or any data about you to this service provider, please try to call us later or send an e-Mail to



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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH optimizes motion controls with cams, indexing cams, servo drives, linkages and wheel gears to gain high performance and develops and deploys software for that purpose.


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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH: Kompakte Bauform durch Kombination von Servoantrieb und Kurven-Schrittgetriebe, um Artikel in Reihen zu sammeln. Ein Rechen führt die Einzelartikel zu. 3D-Simulation durch OPTIMUS MOTUS.


• Software OPTIMUS MOTUS ® /
  DasNolte ®
• All types of Cam Calculations
• Performance Optimizations
• Trainings and consulting
• App and Software Development
• PLC Motion Software

Cams, Mechanisms, Motion Design. Faster Machines. Since 1965.

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Nolte NC-Kurventechnik GmbH: Kurvengetriebe, Schrittgetriebe, Servoantriebe berechnen mit der Mechanismensoftware OPTIMUS MOTUS (R)